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Find A Dealer

Contact your local sales representative to find a JSP dealer near you. 

JSP Sales Territories

Western Territory

Midwest Territory

Eastern Territory

Eastern Atlantic Territory

Texas - all reps sell to Texas.

Western Territory

Nels Scott - Sales Manager


Midwest Territory 

Kevin Mead - Sales Manager



All reps sell to Texas. You may contact any of our reps. 

Eastern Territory

Scott Moore - Sales Manager


Eastern Atlantic Territory

Landon Westerman - Sales Manager


Chief Sales Officer 

Wesley Pryor - United States


For all other inquiries, contact our main office at (325) 372-3298.

Thin Veneer &

Special Cuts

Fabrication Plant

1210 W Pierce St

San Saba, TX 76877

Oklahoma Quarry 

20487 E. Cass Rd. 

Stigler OK 74462

Sandstone Quarry 

4825 Co Rd 124

San Saba, TX 76877

Marble Quarry 

2301 FM 1031

San Saba, TX 76877

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